Saturday, December 18, 2010


I am HOME!!!!!!!! (until Jan 23)

If you didnt get a chance to send me mail the first time around to still have time!

Audrey Kidwell, PCV
S/c Corps de la Paix
01 B.P. 6031
Ouagadougou 01


mikel said...

hi audrey,
this is michael torema from the philippines this is first time reading your blog after I found out that your from burkina faso my friends place her name is Elizabeth Elly Deng shes a nice smart girl and shes in need of help very badly, hope you could help her in some ways she now staying in the refugee camp in there and I want to save her from with your help. here is her email add pls. audrey your the only one I know whos capable of helping her.
I 'am waiting to here from you soon.

mikel said...

my email add
elizabeth add