Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another one gone, another one down....

This Tuesday April 14th I will have been offically gone from the USA for 6 months! That only means 20 more to go! Someimes I feel like I have been gone forever, but for the most part it has flown by. I went from trainig for 2 months to being at site for 3 months then more training for a month. I am finlly going to have time to stand still. There is no more training until mid-service *my 1 year* I have no trips planned besides visiting a few friends. I plan to stay at site and chill for a while, I also have no motivtion to be out during the hot part of the day, which is anytime the sun is up!!

Now the in-service training is over I'm free to work. The hard part is deciding what to do first. I learned so many different skills, I don't know what will be best for me to start first. I want to start small because my language still isn't all that wonderful. I also want to do something that will be positive so the villagers can see the outcome of my work.

Right now every Tuesday PLAN Burkina comes to my village to do health talks. The guy who does them told me I can go along with him and once I get confortable I could even help. it's nice to have something amready in place. You might be asking what is PLAN Burkina?

PLAN is a child-centered development and humanitaian organization. It's vision is that of a world where children fulfill their potential in communities that are respectful of individual rights and dignity.

PLAN Burkina started in 1976. It came to my providence in 1989. There are 7 povidences throughtout Burkina with a case load of 40,000 children. There are different areas of PLAN Burkina from Education, Health, Sanitation and Right of the Child.

For more Informqtion on PLAN visit

Weather Forecast: HOT!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Heading Nakaba

Im heading back to site tomorrow. I am so ready to be back home. Just wanted a quick update. In-Service Trainging is over!!! I learned a lot of very useful information and I am ready to get started with different programs. Sorry this is super short, but I dont know when I will be getting on-line next.

Also, I added new photos!!!

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