Friday, December 19, 2008

We made it!!!!

All 32 people that left for Burkina as trainiees made it to Volunteers!

The Nitty-Gritty

I have moved out of Sissamba (tear) and I am now staying in the city of Ouahigouya until the 26th of December. I met my counterpart this week and I got the low down on my future site.

Nakaba has around 6000 residents. I have my own market that happens every 3 days that my counterpart says is pretty decent. I also have 2 boutiques. There are three main religions that consist of Christianity, Islam, and Animist. There is a church in my village and a mosque in the next village over. I have just one primary school, and I am really close to a main road with easy access to the capital. The closest access to Internet is in my regional capital of Koupela! I do however have reception all over my town, so my cell will work (wink wink) My CSPS covers 6 others villages the farthest one away is 9km. I'm really excited to get to site and get settled in!!!
Oh I almost forgot my house has 3 rooms, and courtyard with hanger!

By the time I post this I will be an official volunteer and I will probably be another year older.

Mail I have received:
Bay card from my dad's work
Xmas card from my Aunt Susie


Things I do not need:
Bug spray
Chap stick
Feminine products
Any types of medicine
Hand sanitizers

Things I wood like to receive:
Things to keep my entertained:
*Colour books
*Crossword puzzles
          •NOT SUDUKO
Bobbi Pins
Any types of food
Drink mixes (not tea)
Letters and pictures of you or of anything really

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a Quick update!

A quick update:

Staging is wrapping up and I soon will be a volunteer. Everyone has made it through the staging process and the Peace Corps keeps telling us that we are a strong group, i hope that we all make it through the two years.

I did celebrate my first Burkinabe Holiday, Tabaski!! i will write more about it when I can.
Upcoming events:
Leave Host Family: Dec: 15
Meet my head nurse/ Boss: De 16
Swearing in/ becoming a real volunteer: Dec.19
MY 23rd bday: You should know it!!!
Leave for site: DEC: 26th

Mail I have received:
Shanna Kramer
Lori Harter
Uncle Norm
Andy's class
Parents 2 letters and a package

Once I move back into the city I will write a better blog, I just am super busy

Wish list:
Duct tape
readers diges
any type of magazines
drink mixes for water(except tea)
I will use anyhting that is sent to me, or I will find another volunteer
Candy for the children and of course for me
and of course anything that is sent is greatly apprecited!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!