Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's a FARN-tastic day!

(A baby being weighted)

I just finished a program called Hearth or FARN (in French). This
program is for mothers with malnourished children. It is an intense
program for two weeks, where the mothers come daily for two hours. The
first hour the mothers learn about a health related topic and then the
second hour we make healthy pourage or local food.

The three objectives for FARN are:
1. To rehabilitate malnourished children
2. Teach women health and hygiene
3. Teach women that it is possible to raise healthy children with
local resources.

My FARN was is a neighborhood of my village. This neighborhood of Birghin
has about 1500 people. I chose 11 women with children ages 9months to
14 months. Everyday either PLAN Koupela or I gave a health talk to the women. PLAN did more serious stuff like HIV/AIDS, Family planning etc. I did more stuff on hygiene at home, hand washing, child development.

Each day I had the women make either pourage, To and sauce or Rice.

(Me, teaching women the importance of feeding their children 5 times a day)

There are a lot of problems with doing a FARN and the number one is, that women never show up on time!!! Other than that it went pretty well. I learned a few things that need changed or added for the next time.

After 2 weeks all my children gained weight. The average was 330 grams. The real test is in 1 month and 6 months when I go back to each women's house. Its to see if they are using what I taught them in their lives and that the children are still continuing to gain weight.....

(My women feeding their children)

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