Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waka Waka, hey hey

This time for Africa!

A little photo update on my life since I have been back....

"Working" in the field, this year is millet, beans, and peanuts

Who doesnt love puppies and Freddy

A really cool cameleon

First Addition
Nakaba 2010

There are 7 teams and 18 games...

So far the games have been going well, its only rained once during a game. The community has really come together and are enjoying themselves.

Enjoy the photos below:

How to eat a starburst...

First; look through the bag of the nearest foreginer while she is working, once found scream OUI or Yes to signal you did indeed find candy then open the newly found candy.

After successifuly taking the candy off the wrapper, place it in your mouth. and chew very carfully.

Then act sad because more of the candy got stuck to the wrapper than made it into your mouth, but then you make the descisions to stick the whole wrapper in your mouth to fully apprieciate the taste. Just make sure you dont actually eat the wrapper........

*The model in this is Appo, a classic cheeser!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

50 years and counting..

2011 will be the 50th year for Peace Corps. In Burkina we are starting the celebration NOW!

The kick off will start with a tree planting ceremony at the end of the month.

Starting Sept 5th there will be a bike tour throughout Burkina to raise money for Gender and Developement.

Please ckeck out this site for more detailed info!


Its such a great cause, so PLEASE take your time looking at it, and they also plan to update it as they go!!!

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