Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Life in the Sea of Africa"

(International Womens Day)

So, its the end of March and I do not know where the time as gone. I also do not know where the next 4 months are going either. I have lots of programs, visitors, vacations and a wedding to attend to. My service will be over before I know it.

Past Events:

My Best Friend and her husband came to visit!!! We stayed in village for 8 days, and Ouaga 3. The visit was so great, its nice seeing people I know. We hung around village, drank some dolo, helped weight babies, climb mango trees, etc...

It was a really great time, and I am really glad that they came. In the end it was exhausting to always be translating, but it was really worth it.

(A gift for me)

Upcoming Events for April:
New Mothers Workshop
Ag workshop

(My girls club)

Mail Received:

ESA Headquarters

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Maggie said...

i love you with your baby au dos!! so rad!!