Friday, November 21, 2008

There is no Snow, but it is definitatly cold outside......

Yes, i said it, it is cold outside at not forsure of the real tempature, but i have to layer on the clothes....

Things are going very well for me, i am getting used to not hearing english everday, the metric system, and the food..

The past month has flown by and now the holiday season is upon us! Im sad to be missing the holidays with my family, but Im glad i dont have to christmas shop, or send cards or stand in line to return things.... I plan to decorate some kind of tree.......

Oct. 30-Nov 9 was SAIO

Sallon International de L'Artisanat de Ouagadougou

It happens every oct. in the even number of years. it is the largest craft fair in the continent of Africa. there are on average 100,000 visitors a year. it is to promote africn crafts as a cultural expression.

it is a very large craft fair with lots of stuff from all around the Africa(mostly Benin,Togo, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Mali,... and a few random other countries) Anything can be found here, and some things are expensive, but you can bargain anything.. in true fashion i bought a purse!!!!

For mor information go to www.SIAO.BF

latley we have been doing some hands on actvities such as making pourage, doing an AIDS survey at the local school, going to the CREN(a hospital for very malnurished babies and mothers) and baby weighing!!!!

Upcoming events:

Thanksgiving Burkina style

Worls AIDS days(DEC.1)


learning how to make a mud stove!

Mail I Have Received:


Aunt Susie

Parents letter 3 and 4

Aaron! :)

Thanks again for the comments they definatly make my day!

I also added some new photos!!!

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Anonymous said...

you never got me anything for Christmas anyway...........but we will miss you sitting in front of the camera opening all your gifts.